I live in the Ahwatukee area with my wife and three

daughters.  Like most residents of the Valley, I moved to Arizona from somewhere else.  I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  I moved to Phoenix several years ago and with the exception of not being in Boston when the Red Sox won the World Series, I haven't regretted the move for a single day.


Prior to my involvement in the real estate industry, I was a "dot-commer".  Two friends and I started an Internet company in 1995.  During this time I learned the importance of good customer service, as it was critical to our survival and growth.


After building a very successful company from the ground up, we were bought out by a company in Arizona and moved to the Phoenix area.  After the "dot-com bomb", I decided it was time for a change.  One of the few bright spots in the economy at that time was real estate.  I proceeded to get my appraiser's license and then my real estate license. 


I have been working in the real estate industry since 2001. I have appraised more than 2,500 homes and I am very familiar with current market conditions throughout the valley.  Unlike some realtors who are either unfamiliar with market conditions or are looking for a quick sale, I will thoroughly research the neighborhood you live in or are looking to buy in, to make sure you don't over pay or under list.


Finally, there is a lot of anxiety that is involved in buying and selling a house.  It's very exciting, yet at the same time very stressful.  That's why it is critical to have a realtor who understands the importance of timely communication and good customer service.  I am very accessible to all of my clients through my office, cell phone, fax or email and will respond in a timely fashion to all communications. 


I am a member of the Phoenix Association of Realtors as well as the National Association of Realtors.


Please consider me for all your real estate needs...

I Won't Disappoint You!